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Mark B., New Triathlete, August 2010 - I'm preparing for my first Triathlon next month, and was lucky to find the Swim Art web site. I e-mailed Leslie earlier in the week. She responded quickly and today was my first visit and swim with Swim Art. Although I'm a Master's swimmer who has many hours of pool practice, I was somewhat apprehensive as I had practically zip open-water swimming experience. Not to worry though! Leslie welcomed my family and I (my family observed from the shore) to the Treasure Island practice. She was a great help in getting me acclimated to the environment. Her timely and well placed tips covered so many aspects it would be difficult to list them all. There were other more experienced Swim Art swimmers working out in the harbor. All the while Leslie coached me through a variety of drills and lengthening practice sessions to help me. I spent 45 minutes or so, and it was VERY helpful. I have no hesitation about recommending Swim Art to anyone who wants to undertake open-water swimming.

David Dunham, Triathlete, April 2008 - I wanted to show my gratitude for the amazing time I had yesterday. After all, this was my first Alcatraz swim and to say the least, I was nervous. Having you there with the "pep-talk" and knowing that Gary Emich was going to be there as well, really put my anxiety at rest. I couldn't stop smiling yesterday when I got home! I had dinner with friends to celebrate the accomplishment. I never would've thought, I would be doing the swim. When I reached the beach at A.P., I remember screaming and yelling in jubliation. Hugging the one lady that was with us on the Saturday swim, was icing on the cake as it was her first crossing. Thank you Leslie for everything and I look forward to continue to swim with you!

Rod Teeple, Triathlete, September 2007 - After some consistent drilling after our recent course a few weeks ago I had a "Transformational Moment" during an open water swim where I felt like I was "ice skating" in the water! Something I had never experienced before without fins after all these years swimming. Today, I was doing some 100 yds intervals on 2:00 min and consistently hitting the wall at 1:30. At least :15 to :20 seconds faster than I ever used to swim!! So, you might imagine that I am very excited about my "Transformational Experience" from Total Immersion. Thank you very much for your good work and please pass along my "Thank You" to the team at TI!

Will Schmidt, Triathlete and Runner, August 2007 - I just wanted to say "Thank You" for all of your help with my open water swimming. When I came to your beginner clinic in March I never would have dreamed that I would ever swim from Alcatraz.

Eudean Garces, Triathlete, May 2007 - Thanks so much, Leslie! I totally felt like i accomplished a huge feat yesterday. Lea and I want to be better open water swimmers and are thoroughly enjoying the outings. You've opened us to a world we didn't know existed and we're excited to be a part of it =) Thanks a lot for your support!

Emily Kluczynski, Triathlete, May 2007 - Leslie, Thank you SO much for the class, it was awesome! I totally got over my fear of the cold water, and am super stoked to come to your clinics!

Susan Olsen, Triathlete, October 2006 - I just wanted to send you a thank you for your beginner open water classes I took. I ended up only being able to attend 3 in total but they definitely helped immensely. I came to you terrified of any water, even the pool. I did my first two triathlons the last two weeks (Tri Girl Tri in Lake Berryessa, 1 mile, and Mermaid Triathlon in Santa Cruz, 1 mile). I was terrified of going into Aquatic Park that first time with your class and you made it so easy and didn't push it too much the first time. You just let us get used to being in an uncomfortable situation. I can't thank you enough for your patience and support. I ended up swimming the Mermaid in 17 minutes and the Tri Girl Tri in 22 minutes. I came out of the water both times with the biggest smile on my face. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me just finishing. And actually finishing even faster than I actually thought I would. It's funny too that I actually liked swimming in the ocean in Santa Cruz better than the lake in Berryessa. I think because of all the time in AP. Thank you. You've given me so much self esteem and confidence you can't even imagine!

Susan Hagstrom, Triathlete, July 2006 - This morning I did the Tiburon sprint triathlon and finished 29th out of 167 women total. Best of all, I ranked 38 of 167 women on the swim and 3rd in my category on the swim. This is mind-blowing to me, given where I started just over a year ago. I can't thank you enough for all the encouragement and advice you've given me. You're the reason I love to swim now.

Paul Stockton, Runner, Climber, Open water swimmer, July 2006 - I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely amazed at how, in just a number of days, you took me from confused novice to confident enough to swim in open water. I am still in shock. I am really grateful.

Jeff Rocca, Triathlete, March 2006 - I competed in the Windman 1/2 IM yesterday. I have to thank you for the TI lessons and let you know that I was 5th out of the water in a field of 45 with a 32.09 split for 1.2 miles. This is head and shoulders above any of my previous times and directly attributable to your TI class. You are an awesome teacher! Thanks!

Menkse Gencer, Triathlete, March 2006 - The swimming is coming along quite well, thanks to all the help I got from Leslie. It's turning out that it's become my strength this season (it was always my weakest sport in the past!!!!. My boyfriend also just completed his first open water swim last Saturday thanks to Leslie's swim classes!!!!! He couldn't even tread water last November!!!

Ken Suga, Fitness Swimmer, March 2006 - Attending your three session class was the best thing I could ever do for my swimming technique! Learning from the DVD of course helped a lot...however the most perplexing thing for me was that I was more tired swimming a couple of TI laps than my previous conventional stroke (mainly because the strokes were longer and I was breathing less). So, thanks for making me a far better swimmer than I was before...the DVD is great up to a certain point, but in my experience I was not able to isolate the problems that kept me from succeeding!

Paul Clifford, Triathlete, February 2006 - Thanks so much for organizing this swim clinic. Last night was the second time I swam in open water and the first time in the bay. When the swim was over I actually wanted to get back out there.

Jennifer Wade, Triathlete, November 2004 - I'd like to extend an additional thanks to Leslie and Suzie. I would have never conquered my fear (oh and inability) to swim if it were not for their coaching and support. The magnitude of this accomplishment still hasn't hit me yet but I do know that I am thankful and proud to have been fortunate enough to train with and be coached by such extraordinary women.

Gigi Khoo, Triathlete, September 2004 - When I started swimming with Leslie, I could barely do two laps without stopping. She explained what I needed to do to become more efficient in the water in such a clear and simple way. This made it so easy for me to incorporate the skills she showed me. I never swam in open-water without anxiety before, but with a few lessons from Leslie and two months of practicing what she showed me, I did my first triathlon and had the best time during the swim.

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