About Swim Art

Swim Art currently offers Expedition swims for individuals and/or groups. We also offer clinics for organized groups. Please contact Leslie if you would like to arrange a clinic and/or swim for yourself or your group.

Swim Art offers open water swimming programs in the San Francisco Bay, and beyond. We specialize in instructional clinics and expedition swims. We are the only company offering a wide range of recreational expedition swims in San Francisco Bay.

Why? Because swimming is an art. It is an easy and gentle form of exercise. It offers great peace of mind and excellent physical health. It is relaxing and easy on our bodies. It invites us to step out of our comfort zone. It is a necessary part of completing a triathlon. And swimming is something you can do for the rest of your life.

We are a professional guiding company. We do all of the safe and legal things to run swims in the Bay: Coast Guard permits; escort motor boats and kayaks; safe boat-to-swimmer coverage; best tides and jump times according to the tide book.

Come swim with us!

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