We believe that open water swimming improves our lives. Being in nature, swimming with others, maintaining physical health, and working with the challenges that cold open water brings, all enhances our aliveness, creativity, and well-being.


Swim Art's mission is to share our love of swimming with others. We do this by introducing people to open water swimming, offering challenging swims and new experiences, and helping people train.

The goal of our open water programs is to offer unique and spectacular swimming tours of the San Francisco Bay. To offer a safe, fun, challenging, and peaceful experience. To offer encouragement and feedback. To share as much knowledge as possible. To help you train to race your best and fastest. And to build an awesome community of people who love the water, love to challenge themselves, and love to have fun!

We do all of this with humor, kindness, and patience. Our approach is very personal, and we enjoy developing long-lasting relationships with our swimmers.

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