Open Water Coaches


Colin is a lifelong surfer, kayaker, and bay swimmer. He is also a professional photographer who has captured many beautiful shots of swimmers in San Francisco Bay. Colin joined Swim Art in the 2007 season and leads the Advanced group at our Group Swims. He is very valuable to us as the expert kayaker for our Expedition Swims, with his knowledge of the currents and all of the conditions that make Bay swims challenging. Read more.


Henrique grew up in the water, on the Brazilian coast. A successful swimmer and surfer, Henrique coaches our swimmers to swim hard to improve their speed and endurance. Henrique joined Swim Art in the 2009 season and has coached all levels at our Group Swims. He has swum both Alcatraz and Bridge to Bridge.


Lauren grew up in the Bay Area swimming and playing water polo, as well as teaching children how to swim. She has been open water swimming for 6 years and competes in triathlons.


Suzie has been swimming open water since 1986, and she still loves it! She is a solo English Channel crosser as well as a solo Catalina Channel success. She loves teaching people how to swim safely and confidently in the water. She's not super fast but loves the cold and the chop and the fact that every day is different. As someone once said "swimming in SF Bay is a wilderness experience in an urban environment."

Leslie Thomas

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